*  The annual percentage rate you receive for the above loan accounts are based on certain credit-worthiness criteria. 
      Ask an HSCU loan officer for your rate information.  Certain restrictions may apply.
**  Loan late fee of $35 / 14 day grace period
We do business in accordance
with the Federal Fair Housing
Law and the Equal Credit
Opportunity Act.
Your Savings Federally insured to at least $250,000
and backed by the National Credit Union
Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.
Mortgage Loan Rates
 Loan Type 
 Percentage Rate    
 Loan to    
 Origination fee/
 Points/Closing Costs                  
 1st Mortgage
 Fixed Rate
 Conventional Loan 
 up to
 15 years 
 3.25%  80%
 1% origination/zero points/
 actual costs for closing
 1st Mortgage
 Adjustable Rate   
 up to
 15 years   
 n/a*  80% 
 1% origination/zero points/
 actual costs for closing
Loan Rates