New Auto, Boat, RV or Motorcycle
Payday Loan Advance
Used Auto, Boat, RV
or Motorcycle
1st Mortgage Loans
Rates and repayment terms vary based on certain
credit-worthiness criteria and the type of loan. 
Ask an HSCU loan officer for your rate information. 
For details and to apply for a loan, call HSCU at 865- 859-7008
This unsecured loan can be used for
a number of things from vacation, home
or auto repairs, to education or family
We will finance 100% of the purchase, for
qualified members, up to a maximum of
normally 60 to 84 months.  If you're in the market for a new vehicle, ease the financial pressure by calling us first for pre-approval.
Are you ever in the need of a little cash before payday arrives?  Avoid the high fees that check cashing companies charge.  Let HSCU help you meet the end of the month crunch.  Certain fees apply. Call us for details. 
We finance back thirteen model years at the used car loan rate.  Older vehicles can be financed, at the personal loan rate, taking the title as collateral.  If you have a vehicle, boat, RV or motorcycle financed at another financial institution, talk with an HSCU loan officer about refinancing the vehicle with us.  We help save people money everyday.  With vehicles and such lasting longer these days, a used vehicle may be your best transportation bargain.  HSCU offers competitive rates and terms normally 48 up to 72 months.  We use guides to help determine the value and we may lend up to 100% of the N.A.D.A. retail value or purchase price whichever is least.  In some cases, we will also base the value on our own inspection of the item you are purchasing.
1% origination
Zero points
Minimal closing costs
We make financing your home easy and painless.  Check out the loan rates page for more details or contact an HSCU loan officer.  
Members may use their HSCU savings account to secure a loan.  This option allows you to obtain the money at an inexpensive rate while still maintaining your savings account.
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We do business in accordance
with the Federal Fair Housing
Law and the Equal Credit
Opportunity Act.
Your Savings Federally insured to at least $250,000
and backed by the National Credit Union
Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.
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Loan Rates
Let us finance your new boat?